Aug 3: Biceps and Triceps

Warm-Up (begins at 3:00)

Workout (begins at 4:32)
10 tricep push-ups
10 hammer curls to push press
9 tricep push-ups
9 hammer curls to push press
8 tricep push-ups
8 hammer curls to push press
(Descend to 1, then ascend to 10)

Cool Down (begins at 19:02)


  1. So I did the workout (yellow level), but the whole time I felt like my push-up form was wrong. During the instructions, could we get some different camera-angle shots (above, close-up, etc.) and have you show us how this push-up form differs from a regular push-up?

  2. After doing those push-ups and burpees at the beginning of the week, my shoulders are so sore, so I wasn’t sure I would be able to get through the tricep push-ups at the yellow level. It took me just under 25 minutes, but I became determined to push myself and stay at the yellow level and…I did it. I pushed myself so much more than I thought was possible with the push-ups and burpees this week! Confidence built!!

  3. Just finished 5/5 at 11 pm at night determined not to let anything stop me even if my day runs late like today

  4. Finished all the workouts this week. Shoulders are burning after the day 5 workout.

  5. Got 5/5 workouts in this week! Last 2 weeks I only got in 3 workouts in each week. So proud of myself to get back to 5 workouts a week. Love the big ten workouts!


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