20 Healthy Grab and Go Snacks

We all know the importance of meal prep – but what are you supposed to do when you don’t have time to prepare anything beforehand? Days when the kids have football practice and dance classes. Days when you’re already late to your morning meeting, and stopping at the drive-thru or gas station for something pre-packaged is almost irresistible? We’re all too familiar with how ...[Read More]

Healthy Meal Roundup for Super Bowl 50

Are you ready for Super Bowl 50? Which team are you rooting for? We’ve decided to do a massive roundup of our favorite recipes to make for the big occasion! Whether you’re a fan of chicken drumsticks, or you’re the type to drown your food in ranch, we’ve got you covered. Make some of them tomorrow and let us know what you think! Main Dishes: Crock-Pot Chicken Drumsticks Eve ...[Read More]

Does Engaging In Regular Exercise Make Financial Sense?

Does Engaging In Regular Exercise Make Financial Sense?

I think almost everyone knows that there is a connection between exercise and personal health. I also think many are aware that exercise can provide additional benefits such as improved mood and higher energy levels. Would you be surprised to also know that engaging in regular exercise has also been proven to result in higher income? I know when I first heard this I was a little surprised and I al ...[Read More]

What I Learned From Getting Stuck in a Cave

It is 1:00 AM and I am stuck in a cave. I am holding a flashlight and praying that the batteries do not die, but after being on for four hours straight I am guessing there is maybe another 30 minutes of battery life. I am wishing I was back at home in my comfortable bed sleeping. I turn my head and curse under my breath. I cannot believe I got myself in this situation.   After a long day of w ...[Read More]