60 Day Challenge


Winners of the 60 day Challenge

Grand Prize Winners:

Dan Ashworth

dan-winner danwinner2

Hello DWC Team!I want to thank you so very much for putting together a comprehensive system that is so simple to follow! You've covered it all, from easy to follow workouts, all fitness levels. The recipes are all so good and are amazing to have access to. I am so impressed with how great of a value this is! Just a dollar a week for literally everything you need! Motivation videos, meal plan, workouts, it's all there! The icing on the cake is the community that you've built. Such a positive, uplifting, supporting group! I attribute that to a trickle down from your leadership. Natalie, Drew, Lynn, Ashtyn y'all are all so supportive and loving, it's contagious, and you can feel it permeating everyone in the group!This challenge has impacted me in ways I didn't expect. I joined because I was hitting a wall with my motivation. I know how to workout, I know what to eat, but sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. I've yo-yo'd so many times in the past several years. I expected there to be good workouts, good meals, good motivation, etc. I didn't expect the exercises to be so simple! That was a relief, it's short enough that I don't get overwhelmed with it. I didn't expect there to be such a huge variety with the meals, yum!! Lastly, I didn't expect to find a utopia of a fitness community. I really love the community! It's refreshing, contagious, and motivating. I am so thankful for DWC showing me a more efficient way to get the workouts in, a yummier way to make healthy meals, and a group of loving uplifting people all working toward a common goal! It's a thing of beauty! THANK YOU DWC!

Mahlia Werth

mahlia mahlia2

Hello, my name is Mahlia Werth and I’m a 25-year-old from Great Bend, Kansas. I work nights in the local hospital as an x-ray tech. I started dollar workout club in November of 2015 after seeing a post on Natalie Hodson’s Facebook page and I have loved it from the start. Since starting with Dollar Workout Club I have got my family involved. They work out with me and have become a big support system in my life changing journey. When I was born I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and it caused my muscles to be stiff and weak. In my legs it has caused my tendons to shorten which has led to poor coordination and loss of balance. My whole life doctors have been telling me that working out and stretching would lessen the struggle of dealing with my condition. When starting dollar workout club, I liked it most because there were modified versions of each step which gave me a way to work-out, and I have noticed a big difference because of it. I started on green and can now do almost every move on yellow and some on red. I am way more flexible then when I started and I notice that because of strengthening my muscles and the stretches that I fall less each day. The meal plan has been a very nice adjustment for me also. I have always heard that counting calories was the only way to be healthy and lose weight, but dollar workout club has showed me that this isn’t always true. Its more what you eat instead of how many calories you consume. The healthy alternatives that you guys use when baking is a cool trick that I try to use as much as possible. I am forever grateful for the changes that dollar workout club has made in my life and I am determined to stick with it. I am proud of the life changes I have made and am excited to continue with my journey.


1st runner up (male and female):

Josh Krohn



WOW, 60 days flew by. What a great time. OK picture this, 6 am and my alarm goes off. I reach over and turn it off. My wife gets out of bed and turns on the lap top to start our morning work out with all of you. I am in bed contemplating staying asleep a little longer when I hear Drew's voice in by head saying "curls for the girls , tris for the guys,  curls for the girls , tris for the guys." And I can see Natalie yawning after a crazy hard work out and I can hear Lynn just being Lynn, and I know I need to just get up and start my day off right, so I do.

      I had the best work out partner / person to be accountable to in my amazing wife Anita (whose essay i am sure you will be reading soon). She was the one getting up with the alarm each morning and making sure I did RED brupies when I wanted to do yellow. That was one of the main lessons I was able to take away from the last 2 months. Being accountable to my self and not making/having excuses to not work out. I did all RED versions of the exercises with occasionally dipping to yellow for some of the longer sets of push ups (triceps anyone), I called my sets orange color (we need shirts) and found every day to be a new and fun challenge.

      I am lucky enough to already have in place good eating habits for the most part, and I have always liked exercise, but this is one of the few times I have been constant for 60 days in a row. I think I have formed some good habits.  

      I enjoyed the MRM supplements, but to be honest I am not sure how much of a difference they made. I have been taking protein powder and making the DWC shakes for about a year(they are a great way to start the day) and will continue to do so. I also think the fish oil helped with my skin and hair. (or does that sound strange?) I may take a break from them to see if I feel different with out them.

Again thank you for the challenge, and I look forward to the next.

Your friend,


P.S. Sorry about the bad lighting for the photos (it was not the best) my wife made more progress than the photos show.

Martha Richardson

female ru

Not sure what to say but I do want to keep this short I imagine that your job is totally cut out for you I have been following Natalie ever since she began using mrm products cooking in her own kitchen to a studio kitchen now the dollar workout club. I was really excited about this challenge because it gave me a chance to use my Competitive Edge to try something that I've been watching for years I knew I needed to change something but I just didn't have the drive to make the shift, what I learned these last 60 days is it no matter your age or economic status or your current health, obtaining your dream is only your effort away the 60 days has launched me into a lifetime of health conscious choices and there's just no way, knowing what I know now, that I could go back the eating the way I used to. I find that doing a short daily exercise is not only easily but maintainable. I love having the resources to do exercises when I want and to have the library of recipes available to refer to. I know it sounds kind of cliche but this challenge has changed and possibly saved my life. I'm just grateful that I was in the right place at the right time and was able to take part in this challenge. The most exciting things was that I was introduced to the mrm protein powder because I've just about given up trying everything else. Love having this protein available it doesn't make me sick it doesn't upset my stomach and it just plain makes me feel great so thanks again for the dollar Workout Club and mrm for putting on this challenge and helping me launch my next 50 years to be the healthiest yet.

Forever a fan

P.s. I lost 13lbs and wish I would have taken measurements. I'm going to do that during my next 60 challenge.


2nd runner up (male and female):

Lawrence Nee

Untitled 2

Dollar Workout Club Team,

As a business owner, finding time for exercise has been a challenge. My average day consists of constant decision making about what to do with my time. Do I work on billing or paying bills? Do I invest time in creating marketing materials or researching potential clients? To stay ahead of the game, a business owner must be a master of discernment. And to be a master of anything requires clarity and focus.

Focus and clarity are things I’ve struggled with for years; especially after starting a business. The problem with clarity and focus: the less you have, the harder it is to get. It truly is a catch 22. For me, the only way to break through this cycle is through physical activity. It allows me to completely forget about the day-to-day grind and release pent-up frustrations. The problem was, with so many must-do priorities, finding time to exercise was impossible. By the time I would drive to a gym, work out for an hour, shower and drive home, two hours of very valuable time would be gone. Whenever I tried to maintain a fitness schedule it would only last a week or two before I’d wear myself out. I was even finding myself more stressed during the workouts because I was thinking about everything that had to get done and how little time I’d have to do it. I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know how to get out.

Dollar Workout Club has broken this cycle and completely changed my life. I started in February and have maintained so much consistency that it’s now habitual. This 60-day challenge was a great because it gave me a goal to work towards outside of work. And for the first time ever, I am in great shape and managing my workload efficiently. The short, high-intensity workouts are extremely effective and are the perfect way to start a busy day. The workouts give me a sense of clarity. And because I start my day with clarity, I am more prepared to discern between the daily pressures and responsibilities that come with running a business. I’ve also noticed an improvement in self-confidence, focus, attention span, emotions, stress levels, anxiety and relationships. My physical appearance has changed dramatically. Since starting DWC in February, I’ve gained 19 lbs and actually have abs! The overall impact this challenge and these workouts has made on my life is hard to express but I’m grateful my wife convinced me to try DWC.

Kirsten Zigler

zig3 zig1 zit2

Some of us challengers don’t have a clue where to begin to write about their transformations, but I DO!  My story didn’t start with this 60 day challenge.  My story started in August of 2014.  Where I struggled to find my own, to research on my own, to be held accountable to myself.  I can’t say I didn’t make progress, because I DID! But by the summer of 2015 I had started to plateau.  I was a constant yo-yo of inconsistency, both on exercising and on nutrition.  I flipped to clean eating and eventually stalled on counting calories (poorly, I might add as I didn’t log everything like I should have).  This left me at a wobbly standstill.  I would make excuses of being too tired, too busy, being away from home, etc.  Finally I decided that I was going to start over…but again I was left with being alone.  I couldn’t afford a personal trainer, I didn’t want to pay large amounts of money for shakes or pills or patches.  I knew that a gym membership was the WORST thing for my consistency.  So where should I turn to?

I defaulted back to BeachBody, and a week or so later, I saw one of my fitness idols, Natalie, post about doing a 60 day challenge. I had only seen Natalie post on Facebook, she always seemed kind, but I assumed that she was just another fitness guru with a huge following that didn’t have time for my simple minded questions.  I asked her if this challenge would give me the arm definition I was so desperately looking to have.   She responded with “absolutely, these are the workouts we do ourselves!”  Having amazing similarities to Natalie (we both delivered a large baby, mine was 10 lbs 7oz, we both weighed over 200lbs in the delivery room, and we both have stretch marks and loose skin on the tummy) I thought long and hard if I should join the challenge.  After talking to my husband (who is very supportive but also totally honest when I NEED him to be) he said “why pay for something when you know you’ll just stop doing it?”  WOW…that was a wake up call!  I had spent so much of my time flipping from routine to routine, I had never consistently stayed with ONE thing.  I decided I could prove him and myself wrong!  So late at night, the day before the challenge I signed up, and paid my dues to DWC for a membership.  It was affordable and I could do everything at home.  Those were my day #1 reasons.  Later, I discovered how HELPFUL all of the coaches are in DWC.  You can tag them in anything, and they will respond.  You guys will go live with us on Facebook, hike with us, talk to us on Instagram.  That alone is invaluable!  And it’s definitely something you won’t get from Shaun T or Autumn. 🙂

So, how have I changed in the last 60 days?  First of all, 60 days FLEW by like it was nothing!  I got EXCITED to see what the daily workout was going to be every day.  I would pull it up on my phone at my office job and watch the introductions because I was excited to see what we were doing.  Once I got home, it was all about MAKING THE TIME FOR MYSELF for the daily workout.  Within the first few days of the challenge, we had family in to stay with us.  I will admit that my nutrition was not perfect, but every day there was a workout to do, I completed it!  WITH my family there!  They were very supportive and let me have the time to complete it.  I crushed #dwclegday and walked around an amusement park with my legs incredibly sore! That took dedication.  Also in one of the first weeks, I stood at the very back of the softball diamond (where my 2 girls played on the same team), phone with DWC on, earbuds in… and completed the rounds of squats and lunges.  So many things had gone wrong that day, and it was the only time I could get it done.  BUT I DID IT.  I like to share this example, because before, when I was yo-yoing I would make an excuse so great, I could push the work off until tomorrow.  And then that tomorrow, and that tomorrow, until it was a week later and I thought, “oh well I’ll just eat these brownies too”.  This changed my life.  This challenge changed my consistency and dedication.  I will admit that I have missed 2 DWC workouts in 60 days.  But where I have missed that particular workout, I have made up for it in other activity.  I run at the softball diamonds while my girls practice, I run before games while they warm up.  Yes, I show up sweaty and fatigued afterwards…but I have NEVER missed a game of theirs.  I was able to dedicate the time I needed to myself, and still be the mom I wanted to be for my girls.  When we are at home, I’m able to occupy them long enough for me to get my workout in. I took my workout clothes with me on 2 vacations, working out in hotels or at the park where we were camping.  I got up early to finish before we needed to leave, and I would workout at 10pm on a Friday after we had a full day of shopping after work.  A couple of weeks I was left with Sunday to finish up the workouts I had missed throughout the week.  It didn’t matter if it were 10pm on Sunday, I was getting those workouts in! My fitbit actually had a goal of 4 days a week activity, set for forever. Since I smoked that goal day after day, it bumped me to 5 days.  That alone speaks volumes.

Mentally, I have grown stronger.  I have learned that fitness happens at all levels.  There will always be someone leaner than you, stronger than you, more dedicated than you, spending more time training than you, busier than you, that has more muscles than you, that wears a smaller size than you…but just because they have those things, doesn’t mean you’re not fit…or that fitness isn’t a part of you and your lifestyle.  I showed up at a parents vs kids game recently.  I was the “largest” mom on the parent’s team.  The other moms were little compared to me.  But, I had strength, agility, and fitness.  I was able to hit the ball to the outfield, run the bases easily, and field!  My size didn’t matter that day.  I was a valuable player.  I was STRONG.  And now, when I show up to practice or a game, back from my run or my DWC workout, I feel confident…because I know I’m fit too.  I don’t have to be a size 2 to be fit.  On vacation, instead of covering in a shirt or towel, I proudly walked around in a two piece!  I’ve worked for this body, I’ve earned this body, I am PROUD of this body!  Dollar Workout Club gave me that mentality!  I don’t miss workouts, and if I have to change up a weekend rest day to a week one, I make up for it.  I had a migraine this week, but knowing the workout of the day was only 14 minutes, I powered through, got a good sweat, and finished strong!  I am more consistent than I have EVER been.  I’ve never stuck to a program for so long, and given so much effort.

Honestly, I can say that I will never faithfully go back to being a Beachbody buyer.  I no longer believe in their products or brands.  I am a DWC member from now on.  I will continue with the workouts that are posted, and hopefully have a group community that we can all be accountable in.  I’m not ready for the journey to end!  That alone shows how much of a transformation this challenge has given me.  I have progressed my body so much in 60 days, I can’t WAIT until I’ve been consistent for 6 months!!!! Stick with me, DWC, I’m sticking with you!  PS Natalie, I’m including a photo of my ARM GAINS.  You were RIGHT! 🙂

Honorable Mention

Debbie Blagburn


This challenge has not only changed my lifestyle for the positive, but also changed my emotional and mental persona as well. Over a decade, I was a healthy eater and regularly exercised. Fast forward 12 years later as a single parent, I let my nutritional habits change, I put my kids needs before mine. I can’t stand the taste of sugar in foods, processed items or fast food… basically, I can’t stand the crap that turns your body to crap! EEWWY!! Now that my kiddos are 18 and 21, I figured it was time for me!

By watching the motivational videos and viewing the multiple “positive” posts, I began to take heart in the message. I don’t remember the exact time, but one motivational video by Natalie, brought me to tears. She discussed how important it is to love yourself and to take time for yourself. Prior to this challenge, I never took time for myself. Taking time for yourself, in my book, was selfish. Now I realize it is extremely important. 🙂 Now that I accept myself as I am, the working out and healthy eating comes easy! I look forward to my workouts after a long day at work. I become excited to prepare healthy and fresh meals for my family too. (They enjoy my happy and upbeat personality as well J )

When I began the DWC workouts, they were challenging. I had to do mostly green/yellow. I had reconstructive knee surgery on both knees about 20 years ago. For the past 10 years, that became my crutch. After listening to Natalie, Drew and Lynn, I challenged myself… guess what… I am now able to do yellow/red workouts! The words all three use, “Integrity to yourself” will forever be stuck in my head. I’m mentally stronger now, and I love it!! This challenge has been one of the most positive things in my life, and I thank you DWC staff and MRM Though the technical challenge is over, the challenge I have with myself is not. I look forward to perusing my workouts and healthy eating and continue to grow emotionally.

Debbie Blagburn

Ps.. Please excuse the lovely furniture in the background of after pics. On vacation at a beach house, and it’s decorated in an 80’s theme.

Marie Reaves


For this challenge, my main focus was on the exercise.  I completed every workout except for 1 during the past 60 days.  DWC workouts were the only exercises I did with the exception of a few hikes during vacation.  I did not follow the complete meal plan but did make many of the DWC recipes throughout.  My results were as follows: Beginning weight- 175.6.  Ending weight- 170.6.  Beginning waist- 37.5.  Ending- 36.5.  Beginning hips- 42.  Ending hips- 42.  Beginning arm- 12.  Ending arm- 11.5.  Beginning thigh- 22.5.  Ending thigh- 22.  

I know I have a long way to go but I have come so far.  The main things that I learned through DWC is to be more kind to myself, to work hard but also be forgiving.  The motivation that comes with DWC is huge and I learned that health is so much more than weight and appearance.  There are so many things that contribute to overall health: sleep, stress, and attitude as well as eating and exercise. I have always been one to compare myself to others but through listening to Lynn, Drew and Natalie talk me through the workouts I have learned to look at the progress I have made and be proud of that no matter what others are able to do.  When I first started DWC I could not do a sit up at all but now I can do 30.  A month ago I could only hold plank for 33 seconds, now I can do 60 seconds.  My physical results may be small but the change I have had mentally is big.  I am able to look at the past 60 days and see how much stronger I have become but also see the things I need to work on and be ok with it.  This program really works in more ways than one and I thank you for it.


Lynette Evans

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“I won first place in the Dollar Workout Club/MRM 60-Day Challenge.” I have repeated this affirmation hundreds of times to myself – even since before The Challenge started. My transformation, first and foremost, has been in my mind. I see health. I see strength. I see myself progressing every day. I’m no longer “punching a timecard” of exercise. Now I’m training. I’m building strength and nourishing my body.

I’ve spent years taking care of others. As a nurse practitioner in cardiology, I know the “by the book” benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. It’s one thing to know these facts – quite another to live them. The Dollar Workout Club helped me smash through excuses and finally prioritize taking care of ME. It hasn’t been easy. Most of my workouts happen at 10 p.m. after working a 10-hour shift, driving a one-hour commute, and putting my one-year-old to bed alone, while my husband works out of state for six months.

Participating with your workouts five times a week, I feel like I know you. You’re my own personal cheerleaders and trainers in my living room. You may not have seen me sweat, but you’ve been with me on this transformation journey. Drew’s consistency and commitment to his goals inspires me to go after my own. Lynn’s vulnerability and self-love helps me see I can still progress, even if I’m not perfect. Natalie’s fun approach to fitness in nature encourages me to create an enjoyable active lifestyle. You’ve helped me see success in all areas of my life can be limitless. See you in San Diego.

Lacey Whitworth


Where to begin...

I have spent a good portion of my life working out in some way or another but the last 3 years I have spent having babies and devoting everything I have to them. While that is what a parent does, I also lost some of who I was and my marriage has suffered. It's hard as a parent to find that balance and I just thought that I had to give all of me to them every second. I became tired and often grumpy with them and my husband.

I had been following Natalie for quite some time because she always seemed so real and being from Idaho just like my husband was pretty neat too. I saw a post about the dollar workout club and asked my husband what he thought. We both decided that for the price, it certainly couldn't hurt and with the mindset that we could always cancel. (Of course not that positive thinking we've learned through this challenge). So, I signed up. I did a few workouts but didn't get too involved just yet. I saw a post about the challenge and decided that I would go for it. I got two of my friends in with me as well. (My mom and brother have since joined as well). I had no idea what the next 60 days would hold. My husband jumped right in as often as he could and did the workouts right along side me. We valued, enjoyed and even looked forward to that 30 minutes a day we spent working out together. We got excited about those delicious protein shakes after a hard workout. We were laughing together, pushing each other and truly enjoying ourselves!

This challenge has first and foremost challenged me (kind of the point right, lol)! I have pushed myself physically and mentally. You all have shown me that positive thinking does amazing things to your mental, physical and spiritual health. I have learned how important self love is and to give myself some grace when life gets carried away. I have learned that after 2 beautiful babies my body is still a temple and should be treated as such. I have learned that it is absolutely okay and necessary to take time out each day for self care and that it will make me a better mother and wife for my family.

This challenge was a beautiful beginning to a healthy life in all aspects! I look forward to the future and continuing this journey with DWC. Thank you to all of you from DWC for putting together such an incredible fitness program that is affordable to all of us. You all are amazing for what you do and your dedication to changing people's lives for the better! Thank you to MRM for sponsoring this challenge and creating such wonderful products! I would love to meet you all some day and best of luck on your tough decisions!

Thanks again, you all ROCK!!!

I lost 5 pounds and 1 1/2 inches off of my waist and an inch off of each thigh

Jessica Dreier


Hey DWC Team!!!!

If I could sum up my whole experience in one line for the past 60 days...this would be: The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others. The DWC & MRM team lead this group to be so successful and I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough! Words cannot describe how blessed and thankful I am to have ran across this challenge. I'm a strong believer in everything happens for a reason. I needed this challenge, more than I thought I did. I have been on a journey the last 4 years trying to make my life healthier. 4 years of learning, stumbling, growing, feeling defeated, of success, moments I thought that would never happen--a whole new amazing life!

I was at my lowest mental state in the past 4 years when I finally committed to the challenge. In September 2015 I got married and lost well over 50 pounds leading up to the wedding, AND the best part!!...for the first time in those 4 years I went clothes shopping, like got rid of everything old and got everything new! I was on cloud nine. I was super strong, healthy, and happy-exactly what I have always wanted. But to get those final 20 pounds off and to lean out my cross fit coach had me on a VERY strict diet (Grilled chicken, cod, green beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes) for 5 months and HEAVY lifting with cardio 6-7 days a week. It worked great!.....but I didn't realize at that time how unrealistic that was to maintain. So when we left for our honeymoon in October I indulged, literally gaining 10 pounds on our 10 day vacation. Then I took a new job, I went from being extremely physical (20k + steps a day) to sitting on my ass at a desk. Hey! We can't forget about Thanksgiving and Christmas that quickly came the next month and the following. Ah, hell and my birthday in January. The excuses just couldn't stop! By January I was up 25 pounds from the wedding. I kept trying to get my feet underneath me, but I was spiraling out of control and I had never felt that way in my life. Well let's fast forward here, because I really don't like talking about this 🙂

By the time I started this challenge in June I was up 38.8 pounds to be exact from my wedding, and don't forget about all those clothes I bought. Hardly anything fit and I was so disgusted and now my hubby was noticing because I would wear the same couple items.

So, some people cross your path and change your whole direction, and that was this challenge! I needed something that would help me get my feet underneath me again! Natalie talked once that starting a new program allowed her to be a beginner, and that is exactly the mind set I used! I didn't want to go in with an ego like I had in February when I tried lifting weights again, I left the gym pissed because I couldn't deadlift 185 pounds like before. So this program let me hit the restart button and leave everything I had learned, or what I thought I should be able to do at the door. The first month I did most green and some yellow, I learned modifications for moves I never even had given thought to. I slowly built my confidence back and in turn I was able to do more yellow moves and the last couple weeks I have been kicking it at red with 9 pound DB's. I have set little goals for myself through the challenge to help myself stay focused and not compare myself to the 'Old Jess' because it is so easy to do so.

At the beginning of the challenge I was just getting comfortable with the new lifestyle and my grandfather had to stop taking blood transfusions which he was getting every 2 days. For 3 weeks my life was dumped upside down driving 2 hours one way each day to see him and then driving back late at night to go to the office and catch up a little. I could have stopped at fast food everyday like I wanted to, but I CONSUMED my time in the group to stay grounded and focused. I lived off hospital salads and rotisserie chicken for a while, but I really cherished every minute I had with him. I even ate good on the day of his funeral! I wasn't going to let life get in the way of my choices, because all along the way we all will have issues and bumps in the road that are meant to tear us down, but it is how we respond to them that sets us up for success. During that time Natalie also sent me a gift card as a thank you for being helpful in the group, but I really want to say thank YOU! Because that is the way I got through those really hard weeks, a big bear hug to you folks for being there when I lost my best friend and all time mentor.

A very intelligent woman told me one day, "Flowers don't compare themselves to other flowers. They just bloom." Thank you Lynn for being there! I was doubting myself and the process at that moment. Going from such a strict diet and seeing the success I had made it challenging to accept the fact that I can eat like I am now and still lose weight. Some days it still doesn't feel like it is fast enough but on average it has been about a pound a week, which is very realistic. Coming into this challenge I knew I wanted to learn how to cook actual meals instead of just plain veggies or grilled chicken. Thank you Ashyton for teaching us healthy and YUMMY recipes to have everyday. It really helps staying on track that way! I can confidently say that I feel so proud that I have learned how to do that

One other thing that I am proud I accomplished was realizing that there is no end date. Before it was the wedding, I had to be in shape at this day this year etc etc. But look how far that mentality got me. So this time around, I let myself be a beginner again. I have no end date, this is a lifestyle. Did I have foods that I shouldn't have according to America's said 'diet'? Damn right I did! Because this is a lifestyle and I am no longer going to deprive myself of foods and label bad or good. I learned how to have a healthy relationship with my food again. I learned how to mindfully eat. Did I have A brownie? Yup! Did I have 5 brownies like before? Nope! I tasted it, enjoyed it, and loved every single bite instead of mindlessly shoving it into my mouth.

Going into this group I wanted to be an encourager. The world has enough critics already. I have gained so many strong friends and they have told me countless times how I have been their biggest cheerleader or how I have impacted there journey. That quite frankly warms my heart, because I didn't think that was possible. It is crazy how a few encouraging words and kindness can impact someone's life so much!

Well Ladies and Gents, I really could go on for another 2 pages, but we all have lives to live and mountains to climb!

Everyday is another opportunity at getting one step closer to becoming everything I want to be. Thank you for making the last 60 AMAZING!

Love you bunch & bunches

Jena Schreiber


This is my why

I hardly look in the mirror and I thought I was “fairly healthy.” After baby #2 I told myself I would loose weight. But I found myself making the same excuses of why I shouldn’t work out. I never thought the food I ate would ever catch up with me. After getting results from a few health issues, they all pointed back to being obese. Think about that word “Obese”-That couldn’t be me right? It was and it was definitely time for a change. I want to be there for my family for a long time and not have to worry about health issues due to me being lazy! I want to be an example to my kids and teach them how to make healthy choices with food and to enjoy exercise.

Through this challenge I have proven to myself that I can have self-control, eat healthy, and stick to a workout. I actually look forward to the DWC workouts! My family is so supportive of all the changes I have made in my life with diet and exercise. My son even joins me in some of the workouts and he is a great workout partner. I have enjoyed every part of the challenge-even though I could barely move some days. It was so encouraging hearing hundreds of people going through the same thing in the Facebook group. I will continue with the changes I have made with the daily DWC workouts, choosing healthier food options, and the supplements from MRM.  I have noticed an increase in energy and the best part I am down 12 pounds and lost several inches from every part of my body since the beginning of the challenge. The MRM supplements and protein are now part of my daily life. I couldn’t be happier to find something that I love! THANK YOU DWC and MRM you have gotten me on a track to a better me!

Robyn Baldwin



60 Day Challenge Final Letter

This challenge was definitely a challenge on so many levels.  While I may not have lost any weight or the most inches, I gained so much more.

During the second week of the challenge, I turned 52. Some might say being that age, losing weight would be even more difficult because of the whole metabolism thing. I wanted to use this challenge to prove to myself that age doesn’t have to be a factor in losing weight and that I could do this.

During that same week, my husband developed severe back pain. He went from a simple back pain and the beginning of the week to having to use a walker by the end of the week.

During the third week of the challenge, my husband was transported to the emergency room twice because of the back pain.  He lost the ability to stand and walk on his own and was admitted to the hospital.

By the fourth week of the challenge, my husband was placed in an acute care facility and needed 24-hour care, which I could not provide him at home. He stayed there for almost 4 weeks.

The final week of the challenge he was back in the hospital and on the last day of the challenge he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.

All of this put a great deal of stress up on not only me, but my family as well. My work-out schedule became erratic, and I found myself either not eating or eating the wrong stuff. I also found myself working my 9-hour work schedule, commuting an hour a day, spending 1 ½ -2 hours with my husband each night at the facility he was living. I would then go home and do what needed to be done at home.  I was exhausted. Trying to fit in a work out seemed tortuous.

Watching my husband go through all of this was equally tortuous. He is a big guy (330 lbs at the start of this ordeal, but he lost 35 pounds by the time he had his surgery (4 weeks)). I found him being denied treatment because of his size. This also put a great deal of fear in me about gaining weight. My brain is playing lots of games with me.

I was while listening to one of the Fit2Fat2Fit podcasts that I really began to have an Ah-Ha moment.  Lynn was talking to Drew and said something to the effect of no matter how much she tried to push her love on to Drew, until he learned to love himself, he couldn’t truly love (paraphrasing here).  Well that really hit home.  I thought I loved myself, but there were a lot of “yeah, but” going on with me.  

Words have a lot of power. Not just the words that other people say, but the words that I say to myself. If I live with a lot of self-negative talk, it’s going to grow within me and take hold. It will become what I believe. If I keep telling myself I have no will power, or I have no control over eating cookies, then it will be true.  I need to fight for my life. I have more authority over me than anybody else.  I need to rise above my own confession. By changing the way I talk to myself, I can change the way I act towards myself.  I can change what it is I believe about myself. No longer will things have control over me, I will have control over things. It is stronger than self-affirmations. Again, it is rising above my own confession. So many times I found myself saying that I have no willpower. Then in this process, I discovered that I always had willpower, I just chose not to use it.

This challenge has given me strength that I didn’t know I possessed. By seeing the goals and strengths in others has helped me to set and push goals for myself.  

This may have not been the best time for me to have joined this challenge with all the struggles that my family has endured during the last 5 weeks, but it has given me the tools to build upon. I will continue to use these tools.  I have had long talks with my husband and when he is released from both the hospital and the acute care, we will work together using the DWC tools in hopes of him getting strong and both of us getting leaner and healthier. I don’t really care about the number on the scale; I just want us to be a healthier version of us.

With that being said, I will post a before and after picture, but as you can see, there is no difference. But I am following the rules of the game.  My best goes out to all those who have participated. And I hope that those who are chosen for the grand prize have a marvelous time in San Diego.


Jodi Trinklein


Two years ago on August 6th my youngest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after entering diabetic ketoacidosis and being rushed to the ER. That was another life-changing moment, but not a good one. I was suddenly responsible to keep my son alive by checking blood sugar, counting carbs and injecting the right amounts of insulin throughout the day and night. I rarely get a full night’s sleep, since it requires nighttime checks to avoid dangerous lows. Five short months later my second son was diagnosed with Type 1 just before his 11th birthday. We noticed the classic symptoms we had recently learned and avoided the hospital this time. I now had double the responsibility and stress that comes with this demanding autoimmune disease, and tried to remain emotionally strong for my family. It was overwhelming and from the moment of their diagnosis I was more focused on their health than my own. The decline in my own health was slow and I didn’t realize how bad I had let things go until I tried on clothes that had fit me just one summer before and they didn’t come close to fitting. Some physical activities felt more difficult and I was starting to feel very bad about my body. The sleep deprivation and stress were fed with junk food and the cycle went round and round.

I had followed the DWC trainers for a while and had been tempted to try joining, but had many excuses that stopped me. When I saw this challenge on Facebook I knew it was time for a real change. I immediatly joined DWC, asked my 6 year old daughter to help me with the before pictures, and ordered my MRM package. This was one of the most important decisions of my life. I have so much more to give my family when I take the time to care for myself each day. The excuse of “no time” does not work since the workouts are just around 20 minutes of my entire day. My kids even like to join in and workout with me. The rate that my physical strength has increased in such a short time with these quick workouts is amazing. Consistency IS key. I have changed what “convenience food” is in our house by making healthy choices the easiest to grab with food prep each week. MRM protein powder is a staple for us and my kids ask for the shakes as a treat! They are honestly the best tasting protein powders I have even tried. We love the low-carb recipe options for our Type 1 needs. The life changing affects have even reached outside of our own home, and last week my 63 year old mother was inspired to join DWC! We now text each other each day, cheering for one another with each workout.

Thank you for a system that is real, accessible, and effective! I am honored to be a part of both the DWC and MRM families. These changes are now a permanent part of our lifestyle. I am now focused on my muscles and not my fat. Fueling my body instead of feeding my emotions. Getting stronger each day instead of reaching a certain number on the scale. I am so grateful for this amazing group of people, the past life-changing 60 days, and the healthy future ahead for my entire family.
Forever grateful,

Kelli Maxfield


Finding my balance has always been difficult for me.  I have struggled over the years to become someone or something that I thought I should be.  Always trying to become a number on the scale, a size of clothing that was acceptable.  I have never had much self-confidence or self-respect, and continually compared myself to other more fit, more beautiful, more successful women around me.  

When I joined Dollar Workout Club, I had just turned 40.  I had recently had my 3rd back surgery, and was scared for what was in my future, physically.  I knew that if something didn’t change, it would only be a matter of time before the next surgery.  I had let fear of pain build up to the point that I really didn’t think I could do anything for exercise but walk.  With time and dedication, DWC has taught me to say, “I CAN” instead of, “I can’t” or “I’m afraid”.  I have come to trust Natalie, Lynn and Drew to teach me how to become the best ME I can be.  I am finding my balance.  

I originally decided to join the 60 day challenge as motivation to lose weight.  It always seems to be about that, doesn’t it?  I have done several online challenges before, with great success, but had difficulty maintaining my new habits after they ended.  As the DWC/MRM challenge progressed, I quickly found that, for the first time in my life, I didn’t want to focus on my weight.  What??  How do you retrain a mind that has been absolutely convinced that you are a failure if you don’t see that ‘magic number’ on the scale?  With balance.

The changes for me are not so obvious on the outside.  Yes, I can see and feel muscle where I am pretty sure it was non-existent before, but it’s so much more than that.  I have discovered that I CAN have balance in my goals for a healthy life.  I am no longer berating myself for enjoying the occasional ‘unhealthy’ treat, or for being imperfect in my physical abilities.  I have learned that I can be REALLY good at push-ups, and not so good at burpies, and that’s okay!  I have been perfect in one thing during this challenge:  I have not missed a single workout!  Not because I felt like I would not measure up, but because I WANTED to do them!  I actually look forward to seeing what is in store for me that day and what new things I will discover that I can do.  It’s so amazing to finally find something that is realistic and rewarding.  I no longer let the number on the scale define me.  I am more fit and healthy than at any point in my life, but am about 12 pounds above that old label I used to give myself, and I am definitely happier.  I am creating balance.

I have loved learning new recipes and trying new foods, thanks to the DWC recipes and meal plans.  Meal planning always seemed like something that I just couldn’t make time for, but when I do it, it makes life so much easier.  I have been using MRM since about a month before the challenge, and have been so happy with the products.  They have made the transition to healthier eating so much better.  

I want to thank Natalie, Lynn, Drew, Ashtyn, the DWC crew, and MRM for all of your support and encouragement throughout this journey.  Thank you for helping me to discover a new me.  I am excited about what lies ahead, trying new things, and bringing balance to my life, one squat, one pushup and one burpee at a time!

Melissa Laycock


Hi Dollar Workout Club!

My name is Melissa Laycock and here is my submission for the 60 day challenge.

When I decided to do this 60 day challenge, that's never what I intended it to be for me. I wanted it to be so much more than that. I've done quick fixes in the past like so many others and  I've always gained the weight back. That's because they never taught me anything more than how to survive for those few weeks. DWC has really changed that for me.

Before this challenge I was eating out almost every night and bought food at the cafeteria at work 5 days a week. Not because I didn't want to cook, but because I've always felt so lost in the kitchen. I didn't know where to start when it came to making healthy meals. Dollar Workout Club has taught me so much and has really helped me do a 180 with my diet. I have packed healthy lunches and cooked dinner every single day of the challenge. This program has finally taught me that cooking doesn't have to be complicated or super time consuming and I'm so grateful for that.

The workouts have really changed my view on working out as well. I've paid high amounts for gyms in the past and done other programs that require you to spend hours a day in the gym and guess what. I always stopped doing them. It always ended up taking up too much of my time and instead of just shortening the workout I always just quit all together because I thought if I can't do the whole thing then I'll never see results anyways. It's so freeing knowing that I don't have to spend hours in a gym and tons of money on a membership. I've seen more results in the past 2 months doing these 20 minutes workouts than I have ever seen at the gym and that is the honest truth.

Thank you so much DWC for everything you have done and continue to do. You really are making a difference in people's lives

Kristin J


Dear Drew, Lynn and Natalie,

So the 60-day challenge is over and the results are in. I lost 8.4 pounds, 1.6% body fat, 3.25 inches from my waist, hips, thighs! Yay!! So that’s great and all, but you want to know the more substantive changes, right? You want to know how Dollar Workout Club changed me spiritually and emotional. What was my clouds-parting, lights-shining-down-on-me, choirs-sounding epiphany? How, you ask, did DWC fundamentally change me? The truth? It didn’t. Now while that sounds immediately deflating, hear me out. That’s actually the beauty of DWC! The truth is, I don’t have any unique, dark struggles that kept me from my fitness goals. I’ve been blessed with a pretty good life actually; a family I adore, a comfortable home, a job that fulfills me. My struggles have been the same average struggles that pretty much all parents have: all those blessings come with a lot of responsibility. The care and feeding of 4 children. Cleaning, cooking, laundry. Coordinating two work schedules. T-ball and hockey, you all know the drill. Making the time to make myself a priority can be difficult. So I’ve always just had the general intent to “eat healthy” and exercise when I’m not busy. As you can probably imagine, that plan didn’t really get me to my fitness goals. Once in a while, when I’ve been uncomfortable at the beach or my clothes were not fitting me the right way when I’m getting ready to go out, it’d bug me enough to do something. So I’d scour Pinterest for workout regiments or blogs for meal plans. I’d come up with a new diet plan, resolved to start anew. These plans always included grocery lists half filled with food items I’ve never heard of, requiring me to hit up 4 stores to get everything. The meals were either bland or really labor intensive. And I’d be working out an hour plus each day. But with any plan, there is the initial honeymoon phase. I do everything perfectly, the results come quickly and I’m super motivated to lose weight. But then week 3 hits and the plateau happens; honeymoon is over. As the scale doesn’t budge, I started to see the deep incompatibilities. Maybe it’s not that sustainable to be cooking two dinners every day: one for me, the other for my kids because they won’t eat my dinner. Maybe it doesn’t work to spend hours each week grocery shopping for all my unusual ingredients, practically hunting the Indian jungles for weird spices. Maybe working out for hours each week doesn’t easily fit into our busy lives. Then I’ve started to wonder, “If I’m basically happy anyway, what is this all for?” And as soon as those thoughts crept in, it’s not a matter of if, but when, the wheels fall off altogether.

Now enter DWC. This plan started with the same honeymoon phase. I could do no wrong: every meal, every workout was on point. And the results came quickly. And, as usual, the plateau hit. Now is when I’d be examining whether it’s worth it. And that is when it hit me, my epiphany of sorts. This plan actually doesn’t require that much from me. I mean, don’t get me wrong; during the workouts, you all require a ton from me. But it’s only, like, 20 minutes. I can get that done in less than one episode of “Sophia the First.” (You all know what I’m getting at there.) The meals are tasty, my kids eat them (pizza roll ups for lunch? Yes, please!), they are made of normal ingredients and can all be found at Walmart and Costco. So now when I started asking myself whether to stop, it was like, “stop what?” Making dinners for my kids? That’d be nice but that’s actually not an option. Stop grocery shopping? I have to go to regardless of what I buy. All that really changed was that my staple items are different. My go-to meals and snacks for myself and my kids are different. And I now have a library full of yummy meal options for when I’m wondering what’s for dinner. DWC seamlessly fit into my life and actually makes it more convenient in a lot of ways. It was so seamless that I pretty much forgot I was doing a challenge; I was just living my life. So it was super exciting when, a few weeks later, I started to notice my biceps bulging and the scale number started going down again. So yes, the honeymoon with DWC is over. We’ve now settled into a deep, long-lasting, committed type of love.